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We accept new & pre-owned designer and vintage items for women: handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories in very good to new condition. 

Submit photos of your items for review and pricing estimates. Submit using the form above, text pictures to 646-653-3411 or e-mail to

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Request a pre-paid shipping label   

Drop off items for consignment in-store 

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Our expert team inspects, authenticates, and prices your items within one week 



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There are 3 easy options to consign.

    1. Request a pre-paid shipping label  
    2. Drop off items for consignment at our Upper East Side storefront at 324 East 81st St New York City 10028 (open 7 days a week between 12pm and 7pm) 
    3. Schedule a pick-up if you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn

    Our team will review and send pricing information within one week. Any items we are unable to accept for sale may be returned to the consignor (pick up in store, shipped or delivered back (fees may apply), or donated to charity. 


    Our consignors receive between 50% and 70% commission per item.  

    For items that total:  

    • Under $2000 - 50/50 split of net proceeds 
    • $2001 - $2999 - 60/40 split of net proceeds 
    • $3000+ - 70/30 split of net proceeds 

    (Net proceeds = Final Sale Price minus any applicable fees.)

    Commission checks are issued and mailed out on the 15th of each month for items sold during the month prior. Please let us know if you prefer to have your check held at the store to pick up.

    Consignment periods are 90 days. At the end of 90 days, you may request to have any unsold items returned or discuss possibly extending the consignment period further. 

    If you request your items back before the 3 month end date, you will be subject to a $15 per item early removal fee plus shipping costs.

    Luxury designer & vintage clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories

    Your items should be in excellent, new or like new condition. Vintage items may be gently worn but should not have stains, tears or significant imperfections. All items should be clean. Designer Revival reserves the right to reject any merchandise we deem unsuitable for resale. If we identify items in need of cleaning, Designer Revival reserves the right to clean them at the client’s expense.

    Our in-house team of experts carefully reviews each item to guarantee 100% authenticity. We also work with third party authentication services when necessary to provide input from the industry’s most trusted sources. 

    Sellers tip: If you have a certificate of authenticity, receipt or other documentation, please include it with your items.

    Overall style, condition, original retail value and current market desirability are all taken into consideration to determine an item's price. We thoroughly research competitive pricing of other online and brick and mortar retailers. Please note that in the world of consignment, items sell at an average of 1⁄3 of the original retail price.

    Over the 90 day consignment period, prices are subject to a 20% reduction after 30 days, and 50% reduction after 60 days. For select designer items, a "no discount” policy may be discussed at the request of the consignor.  No surprise price adjustments or reductions!

    Please send us an e-mail at least 48 hours in advance to pick up any unsold items. If not requested, unsold items become the property of the store or are contributed to various local charities chosen by Designer Revival. 

    If you request your items back before the 90 day end date, you will be subject to a $15 per item early removal fee plus shipping costs.

    You may pick up any items that are not accepted within 2 weeks from consignment start date, or arrange for items to be shipped back. Any items remaining after 2 weeks are subject to be donated by Designer Revival.

    Please send us an e-mail at least 48 hours in advance to pick up any unsold items.

    Itemized pricing lists, including item descriptions and expiration dates are emailed when items are entered into the inventory system. You can use these lists as a reference when tracking your items. Any items sold will appear on your consignor account, as well as on the physical check attachment.

    Please click the link below and use your email as both your username and password to access your account. The consignment account will only list items that have recently sold during the current month. 


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