Closet Revival

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Ready for a Closet Revival?

While shopping consignment is always a thrill, it is just as exciting to tap into the cash your closet holds by swapping out the old for some new! At Designer Revival, we make it easy for you to rotate your wardrobe, offering in-home appointments when you have 10 or more qualified items to consign.

In order to make things even easier for you, we are now offering closet curating services to organize your wardrobe and turn your consignable pieces into cash! Life is too short to have to deal with a cluttered closet, so let Designer Revival help! A trained Closet Revival consultant will work with you one-on-one to help you make sense of your wardrobe and will determine which pieces are best to consign and what items you need to buy to create a complete new wardrobe tailored to your personal style.

Streamlining your wardrobe has never been easier! To set up an in-home appointment for pickup or closet curating in the New York area, you can email to begin the process and within two weeks have a freshly picked wardrobe.